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Photographic Copyrights
The photographic material shown in the stories from individual families on the Features page is the property of the respective family and may not be reproduced without their consent, with the exception of the following photographic material, which is the property of the Stadtarchiv Ettlingen:

- photos in the article Kriegsbekleidungsamt
- photos in the article Nurse Sylvestra Kiefer
- photo in the article Dr. Theodor Kiefer
- photos in the article A 1916 Christmas Wish From Zurich
- photo of Karl Albiker's letter in the article A Bridling Yoke in Europe 1919
- photo of Polish legion in the article Top Brass
- photos of Feldmesse in the article Parades and Feldmesse
- photos of newspaper articles in the articles Assassination in Sarajevo and A Grave Hour Has Befallen Germany Today

The photographic material shown on the List Of Fallen page is copyright Katherine Quinlan-Flatter.
The photographs of the material belonging to Beatrix Braun on the Memorabilia page, as well as the gas mask for the horse and the bayonet type 98 on this page are copyright Katherine Quinlan-Flatter.

The photographic material shown on the page Local Newspapers 1914 under the section Returning POWs is the property of the Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe.

In all other cases, unless the source is individually otherwise specified, photographic material is the property of the Stadtarchiv Ettlingen and may not be reproduced without the consent of the Stadtarchiv Ettlingen or the respective specified source.

Text and Translation Copyrights
All textual content and all translations into English are copyright Katherine Quinlan-Flatter and may not be reproduced without consent. This site is maintained by Katherine Quinlan-Flatter.

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