Story Of The Week: The Hauser Brothers

This week's story comes to us from Ella Lehmann, 92, of Ettlingen Town Center. Ella's grandparents lived in the Untere Zwingergasse in Ettlingen and had four sons, three of whom were old enough to join the ranks. Ella's father Anton Hauser fought as a Private in the Great War. Born on August 16, 1894, Anton joined up when he was just 20 and fought on the Western Front in France.

Private Anton Hauser is on the right in this photo.
Anton survived the Great War

Anton's two brothers, Ella's uncles Josef and Hans Hauser, also served in the Great War and all three survived.

Ella's uncle Private Hans Hauser, who also survived the
Great War

Ella's uncle Private Josef Hauser, second from right in the middle row. Josef also survived

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