This Week: Private Hermann Baader

This week our story is brought to us by retired parson Engelbert Baader of Ettlingen Town. Engelbert's uncle Hermann Baader was born on June 12, 1896 and served as a private in the Great War.

Hermann was 18 when war broke out, and was therefore able to sign up straight away. His brother Karl was also eager to join the army, but because he was only 16 their father would not allow it. However, excited by the prospect of one day being able to fight at the front, Karl visited his brother Hermann during his period of military training at Rastatt, near Ettlingen, and Schwetzingen near Heidelberg.

Private Hermann Baader in 1914 at the age of 18.

After training, Hermann was sent to the Eastern Front, while his brother Karl, who joined up in 1916, fought at the Western Front. Despite the difficult weather conditions and heavy fighting in Russia, Hermann survived and returned to Ettlingen, where he married his wife Ida in 1923. Following Ida's death, Hermann later remarried in 1936, this time to Martha, with whom he had a son.

Hermann died on June 10, 1969 in Karlsruhe.

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