This Week's Story: Reichsbahnsekretär Franz Alois Lemmen

Our story this week comes from Beatrix Braun of Ettlingen, whose grandfather Franz Alois Lemmen was a "Reichsbahnsekretär" (State Railway Secretary) and served in the Great War as a secretary. Franz's great advantage was that in this position, he was in possession of a typewriter, as a great deal of his work involved typing up reports and documents, particularly for the army doctors. This meant that he was able to type some of his letters home, and also to indulge his hobby of poetry writing using the typewriter.

Franz Alois Lemmen (seated) was born on February 3, 1890. He survived the Great War and died in May 1968, at the age of 78.

Franz is shown here with his wife, Julia, who died in the early 1960s, and together with his father.

Franz amassed several medals, which are shown below.

These two medals (front and back shown) belong to the category of medals "Für treue Dienste bei der Fahne IX", which were awarded to soldiers for 9 years of loyal service "under the flag" during the Great War.

The Iron Cross (left) and another medal were also awarded for loyal service during the Great War.

Franz was also awarded this silver "Verdienst" (service) medal when he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.
The medal on the right is also in recognition of loyal service.

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